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Welcome to the Australian Rankings Page

Rankings: FAQ


1. All Tournaments of 8 or more players, minimum 3 games are allowed
3. Invitational tournaments do not count to rankings 
4. Qualifying scores are your top 3 scores for the year
5. Best army award is top 3 scores with a given army
6. TO's can run events how they wish (eg. including hobby scores) as long as they are clear in their pack which score they are submitting to rankings (overall or best general score only)


The current overall rankings are listed below. Please contact Matt Croger if you notice any errors.

The best in race rankings are listed HERE.

TO's are asked to send in their results AND what armies were played in order to be counted.

If TO’s wish their results submitted they must do so within 3 months of their event to Matt Croger or Michael Clarke. We will not chase results.

Rankings: HTML Embed
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